Doke originated a few years ago as a project with a vision to enable mums on maternity leave to make a bit of cash. Today, thanks to it's handmade production philosophy, DOKE offers the chance of self-fulfilment to women who are on maternity leave or retired - and our door is also open to all skilled knitters and crocheters.

Doke team

"We all remember, way back when, how we would help mum or grandma when they were knitting scarves or jumpers or gloves for us. Arms outstretched, mum untangling a ball of wool for a much-needed winter sweater that weighed a ton when it was wet and scratched like an angry rose bush. We tentatively took our first steps with needle or hook and slowly learned from the masters. We created our first scarf or bobble hat which our dad or brother wore with pride - at least until the first opportunity to lose it arose. It was a while ago, but what we learned stayed with us - not just the techniques, not just the skill, but the love too."

Doke was born out of need and passion.  Our concept is perhaps unique, our initial business plan was maybe a bit vague, but a love for beautiful hand-crafted goods gave us the idea.

Our first impulse was, as for many, to earn a little extra money while on maternity leave - to use those skills we had learned earlier in life, skills inherited, let’s say, from our mothers and grandmothers to help us along while we were learning to be mum.  Now it’s our turn, it all seems so natural. 

And from the beginning, success - and success led to a bigger idea – “it worked for us, why not give others the opportunity?” Thus, the seed was planted, the philosophy of our business plan. Other like-minded, adept hands were recruited. Some on their first maternity leave, others on their second or third. And not only mums on maternity but aunties, friends and grandmas too. We became a team, a community with each member bound by the common love of creating beautiful things to wear. Every single item we make matters to us, every hat, scarf or glove is made with love like we were making it for our own children.

We wanted our products to be not just beautiful, but also immensely functional. So we found non-itchy yarns, we used ThermoCool as a liner and we are introducing new materials like merino, coolmax and knitted cotton beanies.  Consequently, our products are not just great to be seen in, but they’re great to wear too!  All our products are hand-made in the Jeseníky mountains in the Czech Republic, so we know all about beauty as well as the need for functionality.

And we don’t see ourselves as just another company offering handmade accessories - our philosophy is different. As we said, Doke took its first tentative steps in 2012 as a way to try to help mums supplement their income, and it is still evolving. Those mums, aunties, grandmas, sisters and friends now number about fifty - our "busy bees" we call them. Thanks to them, our wonderful customers and the perfect group of colleagues and co-workers we are privileged to have, we are able do a job that we seriously enjoy doing.   

For that, we THANK YOU all from the bottom of our hearts.