Preparations for the 2019 collection peaked this week. We’ve been swamped with swatches, wool, material, thread and buttons for more than a month.

What will be worn next season? What will be a hit? Which colours will go together best to create our perfect Doke products? And what about some kind of new innovations? I can let slip that the collection will not only contain old favourites such as the crocheted BC beanie, but also something completely new – something DOKE has never attempted before. For example, we are also preparing for you loads of your favourite earflap hats. Not only do our talented crocheters can have a field day with these, but so can our seamstresses too.

Gloves were definitely missing from our range, so we’ve worked on that and you can look forward the results.

MERINO wool features considerably in the new collection. This non-scratchy, but chic and super warm material will soon be an essential part of every wardrobe.

You’ll have to wait a few days to discover if our new collection will be sprinkled with phosphorescent colours or if we have stuck to earthy colours – but, as always, there will be something for everyone to choose from. That’s how our 2019 collection will be.

Your Doke team

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