Merino is phenomenal. it keeps you warm even when soaking wet. an interesting fact is that those smelly bacteria don’t survive in merino more than a few days. it’s an incredibly soft and comfortable material. simple put, it’s really impressive stuff and we’re more than happy to have it in our range.

We sat long nights, calculating, thinking, arguing, Our greatest concerns were about price. "You can't it sell for that price, can you??" We expect such questions. We went for it, ordered a few balls and made samples. The decision was made a few a seconds after we had a sample on our head. Every cell in our bodies cried out, "This is the most incredible thing we’ve ever had on our head!!!".

Merino is Doke's future.

Every Merino sheep produces on average 2 – 4 kg of wool a year. So for one sheep’s production we can produce 400 DOKE beanies max. We are grateful to each one for her gift. And, just maybe, they are grateful too….. happy that they don’t have to run around the Australian plains wearing a woolly jumper in the summer.



A aby nebyly naštvané, že je prve ostříháme a pak do čepice vlepíme Thermocool podšívku, rozhodly jsme se, že i podšívka bude 100% Merino. A světe div se, ono se Merino plete i v naší domovině. Na trh tedy vypouštíme novou kolekci Merino výrobků, nad kterou žádná ovce pysk neohrne. Co ty???

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