Short report how we made it to Berlin. Doke crew started to explore the world. Actually we are talking about a business trip to Berlin. We are sharing all the news we have, all the steps we make and also all the brand development with you. Because it is all about you!

We’ve shared the stories on Instagram already and if interested you can still find it pinned in highlights. We spent beautiful four days in Premium Berlin Fashion Expo. What must be said is that we are honoured to be selected to exhibit together with big world brands. It was so exciting: so much to learn every single day!

As you already know, we are constantly striving to evolve and it goes hand in hand with stepping outside our comfort zone. We want to expand with Doke outside of the Czech Republic, for now highly focusing on Europe.  

We’ve met interesting people, charmed our future partners and somehow we feel in our bones that next time we can meet in London, Paris or Spanish mountains.

The customer interest was mainly on the premium materials we use in our production. The Merino collection for the next winter did not leave our visitors uninterested. On the top of that we have been appreciated for genuine craft hand-made production.  Most manufacturers reduce costs by using machinery and we are strictly rejecting it. It will be an exciting journey and we are delighted and pleased that our hand-knitted story is well-appreciated beyond the borders. 

                                                                                                 Your Doke team 

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